Pace picks up at the Capitol

April 24, 2012

MHTA – Legislators are working fast and furiously to conclude the session by Monday, April 30. Despite the headlines about the Vikings stadium, much work is going on behind the scenes on issues about which MHTA has been advocating.

Tax Committee Chairs, Sen. Julianne Ortman and Rep. Greg Davids have been meeting with Governor Dayton to negotiate a tax bill. All three continue to talk publicly about additional funding for the Angel Investment Tax Credit and increasing the R&D Tax Credit as important components of a bill to grow jobs. In addition, MHTA continues to advocate for a modification to the capital equipment sales tax exemption for qualified data centers to be included in the final bill. MHTA supports the Senate position to qualify data centers that make a $30 year investment over a three year timeframe.

The outlook for a bonding bill remains unclear. The House failed to pass a bonding bill by one vote last Thursday. A new bill was quickly resurrected that includes no funding for any of the STEM and research projects at MnSCU or the University of Minnesota. The bonding bill will likely be included in the end of session negotiations – if there is a final deal.

Finally, MHTA continues communicating with policy makers about the importance of funding for the Minnesota Science and Technology Authority. If you have not yet communicated with policy makers, please contact Governor Mark Dayton to express your support for MHTA’s legislative agenda items.


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