Entrepreneur Profile: Quench Medical Finds Funding Via MN SBIR

Quench Medical is on a quest to bring life-changing improvements to treat asthma. As CEO and founder of Quench Medical, Bryce Beverlin II, PhD, has been working to commercialize his startup company’s patented process for aerosol delivery of asthma medication deep into the lungs’ small airways.



“We’ve developed a daily control medication that has the potential to control inflammation in the lungs,” Beverlin says. While existing FDA-approved drugs reach about 15 percent of lung airways, Quench Medical has shown its aerosol-based medication reaches 80 percent of the lungs. “This is truly a next-generation therapy.”

The strong potential for Quench Medical has attracted attention from numerous supporters, one of whom has been Pat Dillon, director of the MN SBIR program based at the Minnesota High Tech Association.  MN SBIR is part of America’s Seed Fund, which provides federal investments for Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR).  Continue Reading ›

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Innovators in Energy: 75F

The story of innovative startup 75F, based in Burnsville, Minnesota, illustrates that innovation is thriving in Minnesota. 75F is one of the past recipients of the Minnesota High Tech Association’s Tekne Awards, which recognize leading innovators in 15 categories of science and technology.

A Tekne Award winner in the energy and clean technology category, 75F has developed solutions for climate control in non-residential settings. The company name comes from 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature for commercial building conference rooms, as established by the United Nations. Continue Reading ›

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Growing Our STEM Workforce through Fast-track Tech Training, College STEM Internships and More

A strong STEM workforce is a core element to grow Minnesota’s economy and core to the mission of the Minnesota High Tech Association. Highlighted here is a sampling of what’s happening on multiple fronts at Minnesota High Tech Association in collaboration with our members and other organizations across Minnesota to grow Minnesota’s STEM workforce: Continue Reading ›

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Fast-track Tech Training Grows STEM Workforce Faster

The month of May is a traditional time to celebrate graduations, a milestone for students into the next stage of their lives. But the Minnesota science and tech community has also been paving nontraditional paths to train more people for STEM careers to help fill the exploding demand for workers with high-tech skills.

For Prime Digital Academy, a technology training organization based in Minneapolis and a Minnesota High Tech member, that means celebrating graduation classes throughout the year as its cohorts of students complete immersive training in different areas of software development.

05.08.2018.Prime graduate UX cohort April 2018

Prime Digital Academy User Experience Graduates April 2018

Prime’s graduates each have different stories to tell of curvy career paths they have taken to transition into STEM careers. Here profiles of three recent grads from Prime’s User Experience Design (UX) program.  Their stories highlight the broad-ranging talents and motivations of people moving into STEM careers.  Continue Reading ›

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National Small Business Week Profile: Chromatic 3D Materials

National Small Business Week gives us a good reason to highlight a rising star in the Minnesota science and tech community. Chromatic 3D Materials, based in Golden Valley, is a small business with Minnesota High Tech ties and an extraordinary story of how manufacturing is transitioning to the next generation using new technology.

Chromatic 3D Materials has as patented technology for 3D printing with thermosets, which are plastic materials used from car interiors and children’s prosthetics to shoe soles and furniture.  Chromatic has technology to adapt these commonly used durable materials for 3D printing, enabling the use of 3D printing in a wide array of applications.

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