Insights on Nov. 7 Minnesota Venture Conference: Cybersecurity

Jadee Hanson, Code42To provide insight into conference hot topics, this is one in a series of Q&As with experts presenting at the conference.

Cybersecurity could use an entrepreneurial boost, according to Jadee Hanson, Code42 chief information security officer. Code42 is a case study of successful cyber entrepreneur. Founded in 2001 and based in Minneapolis, Code42 has grown into one of the leading providers of information security solutions. Hanson is keynote speaker and moderator for the panel on cybersecurity for the Minnesota Venture Conference, being held Nov. 7, 2018 at the Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown. More info:

Q: What piques your interest in startups or innovators in cybersecurity? What has wowed you?
Cyber security is ready for a disruption. Solutions have gotten better, but we can all agree we have not completely solved the security problems we have today. Innovators that can think differently and are ready to embrace change are needed in this space. The companies that embrace how business need to run and operate and design solutions for the modern business certainly have my attention.

Q: In what areas of cybersecurity do you see as the biggest opportunities for startups?
There are two areas that I am watching closely. 1. Cloud security products. We need better ways to apply security policies in the cloud and monitor from deviations. 2. Data protection companies. Companies are at risk from external and internal threats today and we need to start focusing on data. Historical Data Loss Protection tools are not doing what we need to protect our companies.

Q: What are the two best things that could happen at the Minnesota Venture Conference?
Minnesota is filled with amazingly talented individuals….the best thing that could happen is for someone at the conference to obtain funding to further fund their ideas and companies.

Q: What app do you use that’s just for fun?
It’s a shopping app called ‘Jane” that I love and my husband hates. 😉

More info:

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Finalists for Minnesota High Tech Association 2018 Tekne Awards Span from Startup to Fortune 500 Innovators

In a demonstration of the strength of Minnesota’s innovation economy, the Minnesota High Tech Association has announced 48 finalists for its annual Tekne Awards in 16 categories that span a wide range of leading-edge technologies. Among the categories are advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, cybersecurity, emerging technologies and community impact. The winners will be chosen from among the finalists at the Tekne Awards ceremony on Nov. 29 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

“The Tekne Award finalists this year represent the ongoing strength of innovative Minnesota-based companies. They are pioneering leading-edge science and technology that has impact around the globe,” said Margaret Anderson Kelliher, president and CEO of the Minnesota High Tech Association. “We’re looking forward to honoring these organizations at the 2018 Tekne Awards event and highlighting Minnesota’s incredible science and technology community.”  Continue Reading ›

September 27, 2018 | Comments Off on Finalists for Minnesota High Tech Association 2018 Tekne Awards Span from Startup to Fortune 500 Innovators

MN-SBIR Lands SBA Grant to Help Small Business Innovators Pursue $3 Billion in Federal Funds

MNSBIR-Logo wTM-01Small, science-based businesses working to develop and commercialize new technologies can access experts and resources to apply for federal research funding through MN-SBIR at the Minnesota High Tech Association.   MN-SBIR has been awarded $125,000 from the U.S. Small Business Administration through its Federal and State Technology Partnership ProgramContinue Reading ›

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Health Tech Start-up HabitAware Has Elements of Success

HabitAware has all the elements of a successful tech start-up: A new digital health device to treat an unmet need, patented technology backed by a multi-skilled team, a strong business case, and support from tech start-up experts, including Minnesota High Tech’s MN SBIR program. The company is minority and woman-led, contributing diversity to the tech start-up community.

MNSBIR-Logo wTM-01In 2018, those elements led to an SBIR award for HabitAware of up to $300,000 from the National Institute of Mental Health for research. (Read the news release here).  Pat Dillon, MN SBIR director, said “The SBIR Phase I grants are highly competitive and it shows a vote of confidence in HabitAware’s technology and capabilities. The most exciting aspect is the potential for additional SBIR funding of $1.5 million to continue this R&D toward commercialization of Keen.”   Continue Reading ›

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$1 Billion for Defense Tech Innovations

If you’re a tech innovator seeking R&D funding, start thinking about the DOD billion-dollar pot of money from SBIR/STTR, where you own the intellectual property, you don’t have to pay the money back and you have the potential for sole-source contracts in the future. At this point, you might ask: What are all those acronyms – and how can my business qualify?

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