Irish Titan hosts Tech Experience Tour for St. Louis Park High School students

June 16, 2017

MHTA — Irish Titan recently hosted a group of students from St. Louis Park High School for an excellent Tech Experience Tour. MHTA partners with local companies and schools to provide these unique Tech Experience Tours for students interested in learning more about STEM careers and the high tech business world.

Darin Lynch, founder and CEO of Irish Titan gave the students a general history of his company and what they do currently. He answered some questions and a developer talked to the students about his job and how projects get completed. After a tour of the office, Darin and his team held another Q&A.

The students really liked to see the offices and hear what kind of jobs were available. They liked how they didn’t have to work in cubical styled offices, and how the company had a more family feel to it.

The students involved with coding were pumped to hear about the different ways to get into a job like this. They learned that a 2 year degree can be enough, and to work on portfolio projects as a way to increase their chances of getting hired.

“Opportunities like this really open their eyes as to what the real world of technology looks like, instead of just taking my word on it,” said Jacob Utities, Tech Education and Business Teacher at St. Louis Park High School. “It also gives opportunities to relate topics from class; for example giving an example and then relating how Irish Titan does it based on what we heard on the trip. It makes it more real for them.”

In addition to Lynch, Jesse Hintze and Terra Donahue from Irish Titan participated in the tour.

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